[nycbug-talk] Conference Topics Thread

Peter Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Mon Jun 19 18:11:07 EDT 2006

> Peter Wright writes:
>> I like that idea, although I personally would like to see specific
>> situations where perl, for example, was used as a tool to solve a
>> problem
>> (including anaylsis, which modules where used etc.).
> I think it highly depends on the target audience.
>> I think for the long term it's the process an admin goes through more
>> than
>> the specifics of the lang itself.
> This is why I thought of showing the basics on several, rather than one.
> Many admins may learn let's say perl and try to do everything with it.
> Just
> because it is the only tool they know off.
> By showing, mostly new, admins the different tools they can use perhaps
> they
> will better able to decide what they need to use for a particular problem.
> As an example:
> Say an admin has some data he needs to get from a log file. If all he
> knows
> of is perl he may try and learn how to read a file from perl or do
> re-direction.. then will have to figure out how to parse, etc... whereas
> the
> 'cut' utility may be all he needs. If he doesn't know it exists then he
> will
> be stuck trying to use the only tool he does know.
> Without knowing target audience level it's kind of hard to tell which
> approach may be better. However I think covering examples in several
> approaches in a sort of recipies way,  may perhaps help more people. They
> basically can come out of the session with specific things to try.

yea i guess you are correct, i was assuming we would be addressing a
higher level audience.  maybe not.


Peter Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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