[nycbug-talk] Conference Topics Thread

Jeff Knight jeff.knight at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 09:04:00 EDT 2006

Ya know, I've never been into the whole theme/track idea. At any
conference I go to, I just cherry pick from the list of sessions that
sound interesting to me irrespective of what track they are in. Do
people really pay any attention? Do the beancounters that pay for the
conferences think "well... I don't see a track with our company's
buzzword du jour, so I'm not releasing the funding for that puppy"?
And, since most conferences usually end up having to pad their tracks
with a number of sessions that don't really fit anywhere, do tracks
really do anything at all?

On 6/19/06, michael <lists at genoverly.net> wrote:
> Hello NYCBUG list subscribers,
> We are well into planning season for this year's New York City BSD
> Conference. One of the goals this year is to provide the content and
> speakers that you want to see most.  To that end, we are asking
> everyone to participate in the planning of the conference by making
> suggestions.  Here is your chance to voice your opinion.
> This year's central theme for topics is "BSD in Production".
> Some presentation topics may be:
> 1. afs in production
> 2. serial console mgmt
> 3. large data mgmt (large raid, nas, san, etc)
> 4. hands on kerberos for single sign-on
> 5. server/network usage and app monitoring
> 7. server/network security, best practices
> 8. zone mgmt in large installations
> 9. os patching mgmt in large installations
> This is just a 'starter' list.  Vote for the ones you like.  Add to the
> list yourself.
> On the flip side of this coin is, what speakers would most like to
> see?  These do not have to, necessarily, be tied to one of the topics
> listed.
> Let us know!
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> michael
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