[nycbug-talk] Apple Intel Servers?

Isaac Levy ike
Thu Mar 2 13:04:56 EST 2006

Hey Okan, All,

An officially relevant cross-post, (are they outlawed alltogether?)

Last night at NYCBUG Okan was asking me about Intel Apple stuff, and  
weather or not it uses Open Firmware.

I checked today to try to answer your question about Open Firmware on  
upcoming Intel Apple Servers, and there is no such thing as an Intel  
Apple Server (yet?).

With that,


"Shipping Intel-based Macintosh computers use Intel's new Extensible  
Firmware Interface (EFI)[17.1]."

Suck.  Or mabye not- it's just new.
I'll miss Open Firmware, it's easy and well documented, it's Cisco- 
admin-friendly (it came from Sun back in the day), it's all FORTH  
syntax based.



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