[nycbug-talk] Python, UNIX, Design- From the Horses Mouth

Isaac Levy ike
Thu Mar 2 16:58:02 EST 2006

Hey All,

I and MW got to attend a great lecture hosted at Google NY HQ-  
(thanks Google for the food and drinks!)

With that, I pulled some relevant clips out of the first part of his  
talk, 'The History of Python'

Ike-selected Highlights:

- UNIX heavily influenced Python Design
- Python is not designed to exclude any other enviornment or tool,  
but integrate nicely
- Originally designed to replace the UNIX shell, but went another  
direction (bourne is OK with Guido)
- Open Source under MIT License
- Why Object Oriented?  What is OO besides being a buzzword?
- Why was Python designed to hide all the silly limits inside a  
computer from the users?
- Why RegEx was not added as a syntactical element of the base, (it's  
a Library module for a reason!)

My 6 minute 'Guido Python Highlights for NYC*BUG/UNIX People' movie  
is posted here:


The full lecture is posted here: "The History of Python"

Part II, "The State of the Python Universe"
(more interesting if you actually use Python regularly)


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