[nycbug-talk] mplayer problem with real audio file

Scott Robbins scottro
Thu Mar 2 20:16:56 EST 2006

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I asked this on FreeBSD forums with no luck, so figured I'd give it a
shot here.  (As you'll see, it's a useless bug report, but hopefully,
someone has experienced it and can give me a pointer.)

I have two machines with mplayer, one running CURRENT, the other

I have a few (legitimately obtained) realplayer music files, with an rmj
suffix.  I used to be able to play them with mplayer. 

Now, though they still work on the CURRENT machine, on the
6.1-PRERELEASE, I get the error

REAL file format detected.
Stream description: Audio Stream
Stream mimetype: audio/x-pn-realaudio
Stream mimetype: logical-fileinfo
Opening audio decoder: [realaud] RealAudio decoder
opening shared obj '/usr/local/lib/win32/atrc.so.6.0'
/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: /usr/local/lib/win32/atrc.so.6.0: Undefined symbol

Googling found one mention of it, and the OP got an answer that perhaps
he should update his linux_base port.  The OP never answered whether
that helped or not.  

Both machines have the same version of mplayer, win-32-codecs and
linux_base-8.  As I seldom play music on the PRERELEASE box (it's at
work) I'm not sure when this happened--it might have happened back when
the machine was at 6.0 for all I know (which is why this is a worthless
bug report.)

It's more annoying than anything else--I can use realplayer if I'm in X,
or convert them to oggs on the machine that can play them.  At any rate,
I'm wondering if anyone has ever run into this and could tell me what
I'm missing.

Thanks for any help, and yes, I realize it's pretty much a
non-reproducible problem and I have no idea when it began, so if no one
has any answers, I won't be surprised--as I said in the beginning, it's
my hope that someone ran into this and might have a hint for me. 

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