[nycbug-talk] Apple Intel Servers?

pete wright nomadlogic
Fri Mar 3 11:18:19 EST 2006

On 3/3/06, Brad Schonhorst <bschonhorst at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 02 Mar 2006 17:19 -0500, Mikel King <mikel.king at ocsny.com> wrote:
> > I have a client that has a few intel Macs, so far so good. But on the
> > flipside I have experienced some rather unusual out of the box failures
> > during the last 6 months. Seemed like Apple was rushing equipment out the
> > door relying on post support to pickup the slack.
> It seems their hardware issues are not limited only to gen 1 products.
>  I just had to have logic boards replaced on 5 eMacs, all purchased in
> August 2004.  I was lucky  enough to convince the engineers they
> shipped faulty hardware and get the repairs covered w/out warranty
> though, so cheers to apple for clean up their mess.
> I suppose its not just apple, I recently had a dell server hard drive
> go bad after a month of use.
> So my question is, if I am planning to purchase an xserve or two in
> the near future, do I get a g5 model or wait for the intels, which
> will probably mean waiting for the 2nd version of the intels...

well i guess the question for this would be, would your application
benefit from a 64bit proc like the PPC, or will running it on a 32 bit
Intel be better for you.  The G5 xServe's are pretty nice, and do a
very good job at video encoding when compared to our linux x86 procs.


Pete Wright
NYC's *BSD User Group

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