[nycbug-talk] CLI mailing from FreeBSD 6.0 Release Question

Kevin Reiter tux
Sat Mar 4 22:14:27 EST 2006

Scott Robbins wrote:
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> On Thu, Mar 02, 2006 at 01:15:24AM -0500, Kevin Reiter wrote:
>> I'm trying to use mail.optonline.net as my SMTP server, which is what 
>> they (OptOnline) want us to use.
>> After some digging and a few helpful suggestions from David Lawson, I'm 
>> hacking my /etc/mail/freebsd.mc file to see if that does the trick.  I 
>> really don't feel like going through the trouble of installing 
>> qmail/exim/postfix just to be able to send mail once a day to myself of 
>> an IP address change..
> There is also ssmtp, a dropin for sendmail.   You, can after installing
> it, type (while in the port's directory) make replace and it will
> rewrite mailer.conf. 
> The drawback is that it will send all messages through the smtp
> server--that is, system messages, rather than simply being sent from
> the system to root (or root's alias) on the machine, will go out through
> optonline's server and back to you.  
> I have a little page with more about it at 
> http://qnd-guides.net/qnd-ssmtp.html

Installed and configured in about a minute - that did the trick!

I have no idea what the problem was with sendmail (nor do I care, since 
I have no real desire to learn sendmail) but replacing it with ssmtp was 
flawless.  I tested it with a few scripts, and now have e-mail going out.

Thanks, Scott!


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