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Jonathan Vanasco nycbug-list
Thu Mar 9 00:25:58 EST 2006

have you seen the via m1000 series?

about 1.5 yrs ago you could get a 'cube' that has a power supply etc  
for about $240

the cube configs have room and either 1-2 slot for cards

@todays prices, you should be able to have a via cube for about $250  
including the costs of  a cf drive

do a search on EPIA on froogle or pricewatch

there is A LOT of support for gentoo on them ( the community adopted  
them ).

if i recall, there was decent bsd support.  there was no debian  
support when i used them, but i  managed to get stuff compilied  
without too much nightmare.

here' s a link off google for the board itself

i *saw* tons of configs about a year ago where they had those in mini/ 
micro itx cubes for 250-350 , along with hd/cf and a multi nic card  
in there so it would be a firewall device ready to go.  I haven't  
come across any looking just now.

anways my point is this:
	the epia m1000 should have more umph than the soekris
	there might still be mfg devices out there using it
	if worse comes to worse, a m1000 barebones + a few bucks in parts  
will do most anything you want

i hope that helps.

On Mar 8, 2006, at 8:17 PM, michael wrote:

> I'm looking for a new firewall/network device.  While I like  
> soekris, I
> want to look at other choices before I buy another one. Besides, I  
> have
> read that for ipsec they may not have enough umph.
> While I could probably make one out of an empty cigarette carton or
> something, I'd like it be manufactured.  I don't have any old pc's
> around to convert either.
> I've read this
> http://shopping.hacom.net/catalog/product_info.php? 
> cPath=22_34&products_id=85
> http://routerboard.com/rb500.html
> http://caseoutlet.com/shopexd.asp?id=208
> http://store.orbitmicro.com/commerce/ccc1168-network-appliances.htm
> http://usa.asus.com/products4.aspx?l1=1&l2=3&l3=0&model=85&modelmenu=1
> I'm looking for desktop, compact, quiet, but not too pricey.  While I
> generally prefer via, I may have to look at P4 celeron mini-itx based.
> I'd prefer cf over hard drive. I have a dual nic so, I'll need a pci
> slot.. unless three nics come onboard.  One serial is required.
> Any suggestions?
> -- 
> Michael
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