[nycbug-talk] home grown firewall solutions ...

Aleksandar Kacanski kacanski_s at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 11 18:29:10 EST 2006

I am interested in putting together a fw solution with
following specs:

1. Multiple GiGigabitthernet (copper) interface ports
2. Any offload PCI based card for firewall or TCP
connection handling
3. Over 1 Gbps firewall throughput
4. Over 30,000 new TCP sessions per second

I need to manage HTTP traffic...
I would like to put together two or three boxes with
FreeBSD and PF, but don't know of many hardware
vendors that have some offload PCI based solutions for
Anybody had experience with putting together something
like this ?

Aleksandar (Sasha) Kacanski

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