[nycbug-talk] Problem with Mac OS X

Kit Halsted kit at kithalsted.com
Thu Mar 16 12:28:11 EST 2006

Log in as root, or maybe just an admin user, then run all the Adobe 
apps. (Just open 'em, then quit.) Log out. Log back in as designer & 
see if it works. Also try updating all of the Adobe apps w/ the Adobe 
updater app. After updating, run them as admin/root again. (Any time 
you update Adobe apps on OS X, run them as root first.)

Not sure if that will solve your problems, it could be a corrupted 
account, but it's a start & it fixes a lot of glitchy stuff with 
Adobe products.


At 12:04 PM -0500 3/16/06, Scott Robbins wrote:
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>I know this isn't a Mac list, but I know there are some Mac gurus here,
>and I feel more at home here.  :)
>Anyway, one of our graphic designers recently developed a problem with
>her machine.  She's running Tiger, and a day or so before that, we
>upgraded her Adobe Creative Suite to CSII.  However, a day passed before
>this issue arose.
>Now, when she starts Safari, or some other programs, including Disk
>Utilities, Activity monitor, iPod (yes, it's allowed, the designers get
>what they want), top will show (the terminal isn't one of the apps that
>causes this) 0.0% CPU idle time and the application will simply hang
>with that revolving colored ball.  If I log on the same machine as
>another user, this doesn't occur, even if I open up Illustrator and
>Photoshop as well as several other applications. 
>I tried the suggestions that I found while googling, repairing file
>permissions, booting from the install CD and repairing disk, forcing
>periodic, and running update_prebinding.
>I don't know enough about Macs to know if I'm missing something obvious,
>and I'm not quite sure what other information will help here.  If anyone
>could give me suggestions, I'd be grateful.

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