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Massimiliano Stucchi stucchi at willystudios.com
Wed Mar 22 20:21:21 EST 2006

On 200306, 09:32, Jeff Quast wrote:
> nobody has yet recommended wrap http://www.pcengines.ch/wrap.htm
> It cost me just under $200 for a WRAP.1C-1, 2 LAN with DC adapter,
> alluminum casing, and 128MB CF card after S&H (to US). from
> http://www.mini-box.com/
> a 3-LAN version is only a few more dollars.
> I found it more cost effective than soekris, probobly more suited for
> you, as the cheaper costs is likely due to no 2.5" IDE adapter, and
> only one serial port. Like the soekris, it has a 266Mhz Geode onboard.
> It seems to be supported just as well as the soekris in BSD and
> gnu/Linux.

Yep, it's very well supported.  pfSense has images ready for it, and
nearly all of the official developers have one of them for testing and
development.  You can buy a Wrap and have it at work in around 30
minutes with pfSense.

There's only one problem we are experiencing with one of my customers
down here.  FreeBSD 4 will not boot on Wraps, since the bios doesn't
emulate a keyboard at startup (soekris' bios does).


I sell them via EuroBSDMall:


Yes, this is gratuitous spam, but EuroBSDMall was born with the
intention of collecting money to give to developers, mainly FreeSBIE
ones.  We also resell products from FreeBSDMall

I'm likely to come to BSDCan with some of the gear on the site, and we
will probably have a t-shirt and official FreeSBIE CD to celebrate
FreeSBIE 2.0.  Preorders will be available soon, and I will probably
bring some of the stuff to Ottawa.


> I've seen threads on openbsd-misc and Soekris-tech that even adding a
> PCI crypto card to the soekris does not significantly improve crypt
> for vpn. Though it is supported (at least on openbsd), there is
> something to say about the bus and cpu speed of the soekris and high
> interrupts of the onboard NIC's being at fault. In which case a via
> may be more suitable (though more expensive?)
> Does anybody know if there such a thing as a cost effective miniPCI crypto card?


I don't know how effective it can be, but I found it.

Ciao !

Massimiliano Stucchi
stucchi at willystudios.com
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