[nycbug-talk] OT - SMS gateway services?

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Wed Mar 22 21:12:30 EST 2006

On Mar 22, 2006, at 5:27 PM, Jonathan Vanasco wrote:

> On Mar 22, 2006, at 8:08 PM, Massimiliano Stucchi wrote:
>> I'm not really 100% into this market, but being from a country with
>> more
>> cellphones than people (Italy), I think I can have a word on this :)
> Thanks.  It is helpful.
> I've found so many outgoing services, all cheap, but few for
> incoming.  every outgoing service said "just use at&t or mci" -
> except i don't want to deal with 2 accounts.  the big bells are
> prohibitively expensive for outgoing service and not really geared
> price-wise for incoming and what i want to do.  i figure there's
> always some upstart offering both and a nice api.

Maybe you should try shooting an email to the dodgeball guys?



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