[nycbug-talk] A role in BSDCertification.org

George R. george at sddi.net
Sat Mar 25 23:14:52 EST 2006

I know there are many people on this list looking for a concrete role in
the BSD Community.

One effort a number of people in NYCBUG are involved in is the BSD
Certification effort.

Like most BSD projects, the effort is methodically moving along with
seriousness and organization.  This is not a fly-by-night effort.

On that note, the current secretary is resigning after a good long
tenure, and we're looking for a replacement.

This a job description from the by-laws:

"The Secretary shall keep accurate records of the acts and proceedings
of all meetings of the Members and Directors. The Secretary shall give
all notices required by law and by these Bylaws. In addition, the
Secretary shall have general charge of the corporate books and records
and of the corporate seal, and he or she shall affix, or attest the
affixing of, the corporate seal to any lawfully executed instrument
requiring it. The Secretary shall have general charge of the membership
records of the BSDCG and shall keep, at the registered or principal
office of the BSDCG, a record of the Members of the BSDCG showing the
name, address, telephone number, and electronic mail address of each
Member. The Secretary shall sign such instruments as may require his or
her signature and, in general, shall perform all duties as may be
assigned to him or her from time to time by the Chairman, the President
or the Board of Directors. The Assistant Secretary, if one is appointed,
shall render assistance to the Secretary in all the responsibilities
described above. Until the first Board of Directors of the BSDCG is
elected, Jonathan Drews will be acting Secretary of the BSDCG."

If you're up for this role, please contact me off-list or grab Dru.
Ultimately, it will be the newly forming Board of Directors that
appoints the position.


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