[nycbug-talk] Memory sizing

Isaac Levy ike at lesmuug.org
Thu May 4 23:37:03 EDT 2006

Hi Pete, Francisco,

Sorry to take this memory thread over to disks again (highly  
informative!), but,

On Apr 23, 2006, at 3:50 PM, Pete Wright wrote:

> SATA drives are pretty good, we use them for some things although for
> something as critical as a database i would not trust them  
> especially if
> you expecting to have frequent/large disk IO happening.

With all due respect to Pete, (knowing his experience with MUCHO disk  
worklife), I have to disagree from direct experience.

I've been using SATA for years in extremely demanding disk i/o  
enviornments, lots of raid, lots of unstructured heavy disk i/o use,  
and I've come to love SATA.

One other component of my SATA attitude is the cost, it's cheap to  
replace disks- so I then use lots of raid in the big picture...
SCSI itself has always made me grieved in one way or another, and  
I've experienced new SCSI disks to be made as shoddily as any type of  
disk made today... e.g. they all fail at some point.  (does anyone  
else feel like overall quality goes down when they cram so many GB  
into such tiny platters?...)

My .02¢, definately not intended for flame- just my experiences have  
been very positive with SATA.

Now SATA RAID card support, that's a whole other ball of wax...


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