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Mon May 8 18:58:50 EDT 2006

No, not about the database platform but the one and only digital  
Omniscient One who zots at the least whisper of a  
woodch**ck...anyway, Orrie is falling on hard times with Usenet  
rapidly going the way of gopher, talk, etc.  Short story is the  
Internet Oracle is losing it's long time Usenet home unless another  
Usenet newsmaster is willing to Steve Kinzler administer RHO.  Here's  
the salient post today in the ng:
Who reads the Oracularities in rec.humor.oracle?

If you read the Oracularities in rec.humor.oracle, let me
<oracle-admin at cs.indiana.edu> know your thoughts about discontinuing
posting them there and switching to mail <subject "subscribe" to
oracle-request at cs.indiana.edu> or web
<http://www.internetoracle.org/> for the digests.  Or, if you can
offer the use of a reliable news server, perhaps we can continue by
using that.


Mike McDonald
Jeep--the official H2 recovery vehicle.

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