[nycbug-talk] Virtual Call Center Experiences

Isaac Levy ike at lesmuug.org
Sun May 28 02:16:28 EDT 2006

Hi Max,

On May 26, 2006, at 4:46 PM, Massimiliano Stucchi wrote:

> On 260506, 13:25, Isaac Levy wrote:
>> Has anyone (ISP people here) used these kinds of services?  Any
>> recommendations?
> Just throw in a small machine, install asterisk on it, buy a DID from
> any vendor out there and with ~20 lines of dialplan you're done.

Well, that's much more appropriate for this list- but I think the $40/ 
mo plan would totally do the job, and that cost far outweighs my time  
on setting it up.

If I scale and this project becomes a mega-operation, (more than just  
me and some occasional hired helpers), then this sounds cost- 
effective as well as fun...

> If you give me more details on what you would like to achieve, I may
> give you some direct help.
> Ciao !

I'll keep that in mind...


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