[nycbug-talk] creating "local" ports

Sujit Karataparambil sjt.kar at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 05:18:04 EST 2006

> I'd like to copy these into some sort of local ports directory, but that
> raises
> a few questions:
> -Is there an accepted location for this branch, ie: /usr/ports/local that
> will
> not get blown away on a cvsup or portsnap update?

 There is an LocalBase Port Location in FreeBSD.

-How does one handle packages that depend on say, qmail, but I now want to
> depend on local-qmail?  I know portupgrade can be tought this by setting
> an
> alternate pkgdep, but is there any clever way of doing this so that when
> you're
> not using portupgrade the deps are adjusted?

Hope this might Help.
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