[nycbug-talk] Update to the FreeBSD mail/spamd filed as ports/105277

Yarema yds at CoolRat.org
Wed Nov 8 01:23:40 EST 2006

--On Wednesday, November 08, 2006 2:13 PM +0800 LI Xin 
<delphij at delphij.net> wrote:

>>> I have slightly glanced at the patch and it looks fine to me,
>>> except some minor style issues that I have already fixed at my
>>> workspace.
>>> One point:  Why greyscanner is marked as IGNORE?  I think we
>>> really need a MD5 and SHA256 for security reasons...
>>> Cheers,
>> Thanks for looking at it so quickly.  At first I made checksums
>> for greyscanner.  But then I realized that Bob Beck is updating
>> greyscanner so often (and I clearly mark it as experimental)
>> that it seems more pragmatic to not have to update the port
>> every time greyscanner is tweaked.  I figure that anyone using
>> greyscanner is experienced enough to also notice if something's
>> awry with fetching it or the code.  Greyscanner is slated to be
>> part of the OpenBSD/spamd 4.1 release according to the slides.
>> By then the need to download the script separately will go away.
>> If you disagree feel free to make the checksums.  I was on the
>> fence about this one.
> What about we put a verified version somewhere, say, under the
> name as greyscanner-20061109 or something similar, and put
> checksum on it because it's a frozen snapshot?
> Cheers,

Why not just stick it in the spamd tarball?  That would simplify the 
Makefile quite a bit.  Or we could just put it in the port's files 
directory.  That would simplify the Makefile just the same and the script 
is small enough.  And there's no need to track it somewhere else.


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