[nycbug-talk] FreeBSD Jail Hosting

Isaac Levy ike at lesmuug.org
Thu Aug 2 17:35:02 EDT 2007

Hi steven, All,

On Aug 2, 2007, at 2:35 PM, marco scoffier wrote:

> Steven Kreuzer wrote:
>> Greetings-
>> I was just curious if anyone has any recommendations on companies  
>> that provide FreeBSD jail hosting on the cheap.
>> I would like to have a FreeBSD machine I could have root on to do  
>> some userland development on. So far all I can find is companies  
>> that sell either Linux or NetBSD virtual machines.
> Hi Steven,
> I am using
>   http://www.johncompanies.com/jc_vps.html
> for a project (thanks Ike).
> I have had only good experience with them,

Yep- these guys are awesome- I can't recommend anyone better.

quick personal sidenotes about them JohnCompanies:

1) They were the only competetitors for my old web hosting company,  
iMeme- we had the same hosted jail(8) systems- back before all the  
big ISP's offered all the VPS packages.  They were always friendly  

2) I met the 'John' owner last summer at DefCon, after my lecture on  
jailing :)  Nice as can be.

3) I've got client systems with them, and simply put, it's a tight  
ship.  Clean stock FreeBSD, as it should be. :)


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