[nycbug-talk] Announcing NetBSD 4.0

Steven Kreuzer skreuzer at exit2shell.com
Wed Dec 19 13:19:10 EST 2007

Congratulations to all the NetBSD developers.

You can read the full annoucement here:


If you are too lazy to click on the link, here is a cut and paste of the
major achievements from the email:

"Major  achievements in NetBSD 4.0 include support for version 3 of the
Xen  virtual  machine  monitor, Bluetooth, many new device drivers and
embedded  platforms  based  on ARM, PowerPC and MIPS CPUs. New network
services  include  iSCSI target (server) code and an implementation of
the  Common  Address  Redundancy  Protocol.  Also, system security was
further  enhanced  with  restrictions  of  mprotect(2)  to enforce W^X
policies,  the Kernel Authorization framework, and improvements of the
Veriexec  file  integrity  subsystem,  which can be used to harden the
system  against trojan horses and virus attacks."

Steven Kreuzer

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