[nycbug-talk] FreeBSD Dual homed

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Thu Dec 20 16:05:04 EST 2007

... I think I misunderstood you in my original reply.

Rodrique Heron wrote:
> Hello all-
> Are there any known issues when FreeBSD is dual homed.

There may be issues, but I have run dual homed FreeBSD since 1998.

> I have two 
> interfaces, each connected to a different subnet. Whenever both are 
> enabled I can't get any incoming network traffic to the server.

Can you elaborate upon this?  It's not clear what you are trying to do.

So one NIC fails to work?  No traffic in or out?  Both nics?

Output of netstat -na would help us understand.

 > I'm not
> routing between the two, therefore no "gateway_enable" in rc.conf. I 
> don't have any firewalls enabled, I do have my defaultrouter set.

I originally said:
AFAIK, you cannot route between the two UNLESS you have
gateway_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf.

But what you mean is that you do not wish to route between the two 
subnets. The FreeBSD box is not a gateway.  It is merely dual homed.

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