[nycbug-talk] Fw: Extreme mobile BSD

nikolai nikolai at fetissov.org
Fri Dec 21 23:29:03 EST 2007

>      n> Even started using sms :)
> oh, yeah great, SMS.

Oh, dude, that was a joke ...

Yes, I love how Apple hardware looks.
No, I didn't buy the phone, that was a gift.
Yes, I hate Apple/AT&A for being so greedy and closed.
Yes, I love the iphone because it has an accelerometer
so I can use it as a level for my home construction.

Just so you know there's already an open source
community porting Unix tools and writing new stuff
for this closed platform. There's already openssh,
apache, perl, python, ruby, tcl, etc. that you can
just install and run.

And just to cheer you up, somebody will probably
manage to boot NetBSD on iphone before Christmas :)


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