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Trish Lynch trish at bsdunix.net
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Its always been an understanding that rants that essentially were just plain nasty and offensive (as Miles was, calling out people who used current technology as no better than high school girls and toy train collectors - even if they were clueful enough to use it in ways they found inifintely useful to better their own lives), were frowned upon here.

As far as replying to the original author - ok - maybe - but the offense was posted to the list - so the response shoulld generally be posted to the same place - especially since IMO - my opinion happened to be relative to the topic.

Once upon a time - the BSD community was a mostly polite, if curmudgeonly group of people with advanced technical knowledge who didn't mind capitalism, closed intellectual property (in fact tried to work within those strictures - I remeber when the Aeronet cards were used at USENIX and I arranged for Aeronet to give specs to Bill Paul - within the system), or people making some cash. Opinions were respected and people who came across as you and Miles to were looked upon normally as total and complete jerks - and only got any respect if they had advanced technical knowledge (like Theo. D.) - and still people didn't *like* them or like working with them.

It seems as it gets "cooler" to run a BSD - the community suurrounding it has become not much better than the linux kiddies. 

Maybe its *me* who wants the good old days back, not Miles. Or maybe my point is that times change and everyone misses what they miss - its how you state it that matters, and Miles came off as a spoiled brat - rather than someone with a relevant technical point (and I still can't find one in that post)

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On Sat, 22 Dec 2007, [utf-8] Trish Lynch wrote:

> Its not technical correctness - its an *opinion* - my opinion about the
> usefulness of my blackberry with midpssh and SMS and its jabber client,
> and other useful things for *my* life - is not a technical issue, nor is
> it a "political correctness" issue.
> Saying things without insulting words regarding people's choice of tools
> is not a technical argument - giving a point by point technical reason
> why *some* things cannot be done over EDGE as opposed to say - WiFi -
> that's technical - but plain nastiness and sour grapes has nothing to do
> with Politica Correctness - it has to do with simple manners.
I must've missed the day when Miss Manners started coordinating the list.

Besides, wouldn't proper netiquette be to complain to the author



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