[nycbug-talk] Notes for the meeting about Subversion of 7 Feb

George Georgalis george at galis.org
Tue Feb 6 13:42:01 EST 2007

On Mon, Feb 05, 2007 at 04:26:05PM -0500, Ivan Rambius Ivanov wrote:
>Hello Jerry,
>On 2/5/07, Jerry B. Altzman <jbaltz at 3phasecomputing.com> wrote:
>> on 2007-02-05 15:10 Ivan "Rambius" Ivanov said the following:
>> > I am currently preparing my notes for the Subversion presentation on 7
>> > Feb. I started to upload my notes and I thought you might want to see
>> > them in advance, although they are not fully complete. The link is
>> > http://vania.sourceforge.net/svnnotes-en/.
>> As a very heavy-duty SVN user and someone who supports it for a living,
>> my favorite topic to include is "how to do an in-place import of a
>> active directory".
>If I understand correctly you have a directory on your local
>filesystem and you want to add its content to a Subversion repository.
>I assume that you want to store the config files for your machine
>Usually this is done using svn import, but the problem here is that
>after you import it, you have to check out the new copy and delete the
>old one. If the directory contains important files like configurations
>for a server, it is not wise to risk with a delete. For example, I
>store my Apache configuration files in a Subversion repository and I
>added /usr/local/etc/httpd in it in the following way:
>$ svn mkdir http://my-svn-server/my-repo/usr
>$ svn mkdir http://my-svn-server/my-repo/usr/local
>$ svn mkdir http://my-svn-server/my-repo/usr/local/etc
>$ svn mkdir http://my-svn-server/my-repo/usr/local/etc/apache
>This creates the directories directly on the repostory; it does not
>touch your local filesystem.
>After I have created the directory structure in the repository, I do
>$ svn co http://my-svn-server/my-repo/usr/local/etc/apache /usr/local/etc/apache
>At this point /usr/local/etc/apache is under svn control. Now I decide
>which files from it I want to be versioned, for example httpd.conf is
>a perfect candidate:
>$ cd /usr/local/etc/apache
>$ svn add httpd.conf
>$ svn commit -m "original httpd.conf" httpd.conf
>Now, httpd.conf is under version control and every time I change it, I
>check it in.

Nice summary.

Any comments on using commit triggers, svn:ignore, and keyword

eg if log files are going to co exist with the checkout do you
need to ignore them? where is your ignore file? how do you trigger
an update to a staging (or live) checkout with commit, or commit
to a specific (log) file in the repo (hook script)? I'm thinking
for desktop checkout htdoc mods and/or staging/production restarts
with httpd.conf &c checkin.  I miss "local keyword expansion"
from cvs, is there any way to enable svn keyword expansion for an
entire repo, or does it need setting per file? how do you manage

BTW I see your doc is missing the NetBSD section,

cd /usr/pkgsrc/devel/subversion && make clean install

that seems to work anywhere pkgsrc is in use.

// George

George Georgalis, systems architect, administrator <IXOYE><

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