[nycbug-talk] vi interview with Joy

Marc Spitzer mspitzer at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 11:55:30 EST 2007

On 1/11/07, Okan Demirmen <okan at demirmen.com> wrote:
> On Sun 2007.01.07 at 09:26 -0500, michael wrote:
> > On Sat, 06 Jan 2007 23:14:46 -0500
> > "George R." <george at ceetonetechnology.com> wrote:
> > I know vi is one of the defacto editors in unix. But is continuity
> > really the only reason to hang onto one of the zaniest text editors
> > ever conceived?  Why else would the unix world not come up with a
> > simple, elegant, and effective text editor... that is unixy?
> what? are you trying to start a flame war? get over it.

Come on we all know george does windows, allowances need to be made
after all.  Now If you want to see another odd editor xedit from ibm.
Here is a clone http://www.uic.edu/depts/accc/software/the/


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