[nycbug-talk] Oracle Consultant's?

Peter Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Mon Jan 22 12:23:13 EST 2007

Hi All,
Not posting to job's as I am hoping to hear some discussion on this.  My
company is beginning to look for an outside consultant to evaluate one of
our current Oracle installations and was hoping some folks may have some
insight on this matter.

we have been working with oracle support to resolve an unstable cluster
and frankly the support they offer has been lacking (although to be honest
the blame may not rest completely on Oracle).  i guess my two questions
are, has anyone had success bringing in an onsight oracle engineer to
solve issues on production databases?  secondly, are there any standout
oracle support *firms* that may be worth checking out?

thanks in advance!

Peter Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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