[nycbug-talk] Google

Chris Clymer chris at chrisclymer.com
Wed Jan 31 22:15:00 EST 2007

I just finished my second phone interview actually :D  The recruiter  
told me that they are looking to fill 200-300 admin positions across  
6 different locations in the near future.  I've read elsewhere that  
there are thousands of other positions to be filled...the only  
specific ones i know of are ajax-slingers.

I'm not really looking for a job, but who can pass up google?  It  
second interview was the most technical I've ever had.  He had me  
spend at least 20 minutes explaining every last detail of what  
happens when one surfs to google.com, from DNS to HTTP requests to  
Apache backend stuff.

I figure my only shot at a job is that they've finally run out of  
PhDs to hire ;)

If you decide to follow through, good luck!

On Jan 31, 2007, at 9:07 PM, Kevin Reiter wrote:

> Hey all,
> Has anyone else received anything from Google about a job offer?  I
> almost fell off my chair when I read the message from Celia a little
> while ago.
> Just curious..
> Kev
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