[nycbug-talk] Django Web Framework

David Lawson dave at donnerjack.com
Mon Jul 2 18:58:07 EDT 2007

I've actually used it for some simple CRUD apps for friends/family  
members.  Nothing I would consider a serious deployment, but I've  
been reasonably impressed with it.  Frameworks of this kind have some  
inherent limitations, the more complex you make the applications and  
the further you stray from their intended use cases, the harder you  
have to work to make the framework do what you want, but my  
experience with it, as I said with just simple apps, has been  
universally extremely pleasant.  It really depends heavily on what  
your needs are going to be.  Y

ou do have to restart Apache to load code changes if you're running  
with mod_python.  There are other methods of doing it, primarily  
intended for development, where you run a pure Django server that  
Apache (or whatever) proxies to, but you'd still have to reload that  
Django server to make code changes live.  Ideally, this shouldn't be  
a problem, code changes should be vetted in a staging environment and  
rolled out to production boxes once they're stable, an Apache reload  
doesn't even drop connections, no big deal.

On Jul 2, 2007, at 6:45 PM, Peter Wright wrote:

> hey all - we are evaluating some web frameworks and have come across
> Django (for which I hope they are not referencing Django Reinhardt's
> virtuoso talent despite being being severely crippled ;)  But I
> digress....
> http://www.djangoproject.com/
> anyone have experience using this framework in production?  we  
> already use
> ruby on rails for some apps, not to mention mod_perl, mod_python, JSP
> etc....
> the department in question does not see the need to start training  
> on yet
> another scripting language since they already standardized on  
> python for
> pretty much everything else.  any good experiences, bad  
> experiences?  this
> bit kinda really scares me:
> http://www.djangoproject.com/documentation/api_stability/
> That, and the fact that apparently you have to restart apache if  
> any code
> changes are made ?!?
> -pete
> ps -> Ike, I did lobby for Zope - sorry!  I guess it's not new and
> unstable enough for them ;p
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