[nycbug-talk] NYCBSDCon 2007 status

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Mon Jul 9 15:46:49 EDT 2007

After a few years of massive successes, we have received many on and off 
line queries about the status of NYCBSDCon for 2007.

As usual, we started working on space for the conference early in the 
spring.  Unfortunately, Columbia University is *not* available this year.

We have been dealing with multiple locations, with no success.  We were 
confident a month and more back that New York University would be ideal, 
but their fees and restrctions are exceedingly high.  If we were holding 
some $800/a day conference, it would have been fine, but that's not what 
NYCBSDCon is about.  For anyone who's attended, this should be clear.

Many people have assisted us in this quest for a space. . . particularly 
some NYU people who we had previously not known.

New York is a difficult place to find inexpensive space, particularly 
after 9/11 and the real estate boom.  Manhattan real estate continues to 
boom and conference space fees do not soften.

We have one more university that we are waiting on for a response to our 
application. . . We should know the answer by the end of the month.

However, if that space does *not* work out, we will be postponing 
NYCBSDCon to 2008.  We already to have push the conference further to 
the end of the year.  Any longer would be too long.  We can't even do a 
call for papers until we have a space, so it just wouldn't be plausible 
to have the conference this year.

And now it comes to *your* role.

If anyone has any leads to decent conference space that would work for 
NYCBSDCon, please let me know offlist.

But if we don't find the right space at the decent fees and reasonable 
restrictions, then we'll have to put off the con until next year.

Thanks. . .


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