[nycbug-talk] [announce] Tonight: NYC*BUG at the Soho Apple Store

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Wed Jun 6 22:38:42 EDT 2007

On Jun 6, 2007, at 6:47 PM, alex at pilosoft.com wrote:

> On Wed, 6 Jun 2007, Miles Nordin wrote:
>>>>>>> "a" == alex  <alex at pilosoft.com> writes:
>>      a> However, I hope someone will tape it and I can do a
>>      a> post-mortem heckling!
>> haha, ``just turn on SYN cookies!''
>> i think the heckling is likely to be the best part of a talk like  
>> this
>> no matter who's giving it.
> I have to say...DDOS mitigation is a *complicated thing*. There may  
> be a
> few dozen people on the planet who understand what is a ddos and  
> how to
> deal with it.

Yes, and we literally spent the meeting wondering, "how can we figure  
this out without one of the few dozen best and the brightest in the  

Of course, you're one of them Alex.

> Dealing with anything sub 1G of traffic is trivial enough that it  
> could be
> discussed on nycbug meetings. Oh wait :P

Yeah, the meeting was all about the speaker's home dsl with  
IPCop. . . :-'

On the serious side, I thought the meeting was on the mark in terms  
of dealing with the issue, but of course it's people like the above  
replied-to that really matter.

Not because they're so smart, but rather because we sit on their  

The only reason "end-user sysadmins" talk have meetings on topics  
like this is due to the shortcomings of those who do deal with the  
bandwidth for us.

Therefore, Alex and all, please deal with this upstream from us, and  
we promise never to have another meeting on the topic. :)


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