[nycbug-talk] (Slightly OT) Good knapsack recommendation

Jonathan Vanasco nycbug-list at 2xlp.com
Thu Jun 7 20:57:08 EDT 2007

On Jun 7, 2007, at 8:19 PM, Josh Rivel wrote:

> I'm looking for a good lightweight, but comfortable knapsack to
> carry my Dell D420 (12.1" widescreen) in.  I'm currently using a LL
> Bean knapsack, which is very big, and doesn't offer any padding or
> cushioning for the laptop.  I also have a Ogio knapsack (Don't
> recall the model) but it's very heavy even whem empty, and does not
> have a lot of space despite it being a large bag.
> I know this is a pretty subjective question, but the choice of
> knapsacks is kind of overwhelming, and if people could let me know
> what knapsacks they are using for lugging around their laptops, that
> would be gerat.  Feel free to reply back off-list so as not to
> clutter it up with this highly non-technical question!
> Thanks so much in advance,
> Josh


I use 2 items that I can suggest
	i said screw damage a while back, and started buying disposable  
laptops ( $1k price point ).  after looking for months, i finally  
bought a laptop bag from Jack Spade.


	its a little pricey, but completely worth it.   it has a removable  
padded laptop sleeve, a ton of pockets & organizers.
	it handles a book (why not?), laptop, misc cables, ipod, camera, etc  
etc etc ,  in a super convenient & accessible manner.

	if you're worried about damage, the laptop case from ZeroHalliburton  
is great.  its the same thing that they use for guns, drugs & cash in  
spy movies ( polished aluminum hard case )


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