[nycbug-talk] BSD gfs/qfs alternatives

Rodrique Heron swygue at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 09:50:38 EDT 2007

Francisco Reyes wrote:
> Miles Nordin writes:
>>>>>>> "ak" == Aleksandar Kacanski <kacanski_s at yahoo.com> writes:
>>     ak> what are *BSD alternatives for global file system(RH) and
>>     ak> sun's qfs?
>> I don't think we have any.
> There is a network RAID 1 setup (well sort off) that seems to work.
> It is geom_gate
> Unfortunately there is very little information on how to set it up.
> A co-worker set it up and is in the testing phase.
> I am hoping to convince "management" to allow us to write up a guide.
> So far the only issue we found is that it locks up with files 5GB or 
> greater.
> Can't even find you links to point you in the right direction right now.
> Will ask co-worker for the right  man pages so you can take a look.
> We initially found it while looking for DRBD in FreeBSD. You may try 
> googling for that.
> The only thing I recall about the setup is that you change two variables in 
> /boot/default/loader.conf
> geom_mirror_load="NO"
> geom_gate_load="NO"   
Check Gianpaolo Del Matto site: http://phaq.phunsites.net/, he did a 
write up on geom_gate.

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