[nycbug-talk] Issue with freebsd 6.2 and disk drives

Jonathan Stewart jonathan at kc8onw.net
Sun Jun 24 22:14:59 EDT 2007

Matt Juszczak wrote:
>> I don't have access to the console of the box.  They are switching to a
>> different type of SATA controller.  I'm hoping this will fix the problem.
>> If not, can this be done from loader.conf?
>> Also, are these warning messages causing data corruption/loss at all, or
>> are they just indicative of retries that are effectively inefficient?  In
>> other words, if swapping to a new controller has a positive outcome (no
>> more error messages), should I force an OS reload anyway?
>> -Matt
> It seems they have now replaced the card with a 3ware SATA card.  Do these 
> have a bit better compatibility with FreeBSD 6.2?

3ware cards are traditionally some of the best supported RAID cards in
FreeBSD from what I've seen on the lists.  As far as whether your data
is fine, as you asked in another mail, I would check it to be safe I
couldn't really tell you.


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