[nycbug-talk] was Re: FreeBSD software RAID?

Kit Halsted kit at kithalsted.com
Thu Mar 8 10:12:50 EST 2007

XServe RAIDs are definitely hardware RAID. What you get is a 3u box 
with 14 drive bays. There are 2 RAID controller units, each 
controlling 7 drive bays. Each drive bay is an independent IDE 
channel. There are redundant power supplies and cooling modules, & 
everything is hot-swappable. The only caveat I would mention is that 
the controllers are not redundant.


At 9:11 AM -0500 3/8/07, Andy Michaels wrote:
>I'm kind of surprised Apple doesn't ship their
>enterprise-class boxes with hardware RAID.  Can anyone confirm that the
>XServe RAID is honest-to-goodness hardware RAID?

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