[nycbug-talk] How common is blocking outbound 25/tcp? (Re: AsiaBSDCon!!!!)

Andy Michaels lego at therac25.net
Wed Mar 14 10:24:11 EDT 2007

No statistics, only anecdotes here!  I've been on 3 ISPs in the last 10 
years.  2 of them were "big ISPs" and they blocked port 25 outbound a few 
years ago.  CableVision and TimeWarner Cable.  The third was a small, 
local ISP and they let me do just about anything I wanted to do.  They 
also ran FreeBSD :)

Anyway, from my experience, it's pretty common in the states.


On Wed, 14 Mar 2007, Yusuke Shinyama wrote:

> Speaking of Japan, although I'm away from admin jobs there for
> several years, I've heard blocking outbound 25/tcp is fairly
> pervasive in the most major Japanese ISPs now.  I'm curious how
> this is common in the US or any other country.  Does anyone have
> any experience or statistics on this topic?  Googling with the
> related keywords mostly pops up Japanese pages, but seems like not
> many US ISPs are doing this... Is there any reason behind?
> Thanks
> Yusuke
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