[nycbug-talk] IPv6 NY-US Roll Call

Isaac Levy ike at lesmuug.org
Thu Mar 22 00:06:57 EDT 2007

Hey All,

Does anyone on this list, in NY or America in general run IPv6 services?

One thing at a time, right now, I'm trying to setup IPv6 DNS 'AAAA'  
records- and my registrars, (GoDaddy and Register.com) don't support  
the IPv6 TLD's...

I've found .jp registrars that support the TLD's, but  
the .com/.net/.org TLD's are supposedly all ready to go since 2004 or  

It seems that all your usual DNS server softwares, (bind, djbdns,  
tinydns, etc...) all have all the necessary support and hooks for the  
IPv6 TLD's, but one's registrar has to make the names propogate...

If I have to move some domain names to a new registrar for now, so be  

Does anyone have experience with this in America yet?


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