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Jerry B. Altzman jbaltz at 3phasecomputing.com
Fri Mar 23 17:11:45 EDT 2007

My original post didn't go to the whole list. I wrote the >> stuff, and 
Ike wrote the > stuff.

on 2007-03-23 16:30 Isaac Levy said the following:
> First off, I think this is a great message to post to list- in the 'I 
> hate IPv6' thread...
> I don't think anyone would be discouraged or frustrated, or am I missing 
> something else?  Unless you have some specific objection, please re-post 
> publically!  I'll help put out any flame wars that could transpire!

I just thought that pointing people at NANOG in that fashion might 
simply add more heat than light to the vast majority of folks.

>> Spend some time here:
>> http://www.merit.edu/cgi-bin/swish/swish.cgi?query=ipv6&si=0&si=5&dr_o=12&dr_s_mon=3&dr_s_day=23&dr_s_year=2007&dr_e_mon=3&dr_e_day=23&dr_e_year=2007&submit=Search%21 
>> Alas, it doesn't have LASCIATE OGNE SPERANZA VOI CH'INTRATE like it 
>> should.
> Ah- oh- but shouldn't we *BSD people be right at home in hell? ;P

Hell froze over and filled with penguins, weren't you watching?

> I do appreciate you pointing me at this- insomuch as it's all these 
> attitudes I'm looking to bypass.

Well, you wanted to know why IPv6 wasn't gaining traction, there's a 
pointer to many reasons.
The short answer to your question, like so many other questions, is 
"there's no money in it".

> Again, unless I'm missing your point, I understand this is the state of 
> things big picture- NANOG and RIPE and the like.  This is why I'm 
> looking to light a fire under our asses in NYC- no pressure, all fun- we 

Well, if you're trying to create the grassroots demand for IPv6, put 
some content there. Pr0n is a good motivator. Offer "Free Pr0n only on 
IPv6" and the ISPs will trip over each other to get it out.

NTT will sell you IPv6 *now* if you want it.

> have an oppurtunity in the NYC*BUG group to completely bypass all of 
> that because most of us are slightly outside of it.

Alex excepted...

> It seems to me the more I see groups/lists/stuff like these, the more I 
> come to believe adoption is less about the tech- and more about everyone 
> dropping our tech egos, and coming to the situation open to learn.  
> Tokyo made me feel like a little child- *I had so much basic stuff to 
> learn*- which was hard at first, but EXITING after I psychologically got 
> over a sense of trying to control my entire situation.

Right, well as long as the only kewl stuff on IPv6 is the dancing 
turtle, demand will simply lag.
(As an aside: the O'Reilly book on IPv6 isn't bad, by the way, but it's 
long on theory and short on implementation. )

> It's hard for technical people to get exited about something new, change 
> threatens anyone's day-to-day routine, but this is the nature of 
> everything- especially technology, right?

IPv6 isn't terribly new. :-( RFC1883 came out in 1995.

> .ike

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