[nycbug-talk] Looking to borrow a router...

deep_blue at sebek.org deep_blue at sebek.org
Tue May 8 22:37:07 EDT 2007

I have a Cisco 1760 with a T1 CSU/DSU.  I am in forest hills queens.  I will loan it to you on the condition that when you bring it back you configure it for my T1 which I do not have the time to do.

Josh Rivel <josh at rivels.org> wrote: I'm wondering if anyone has a router with a T1 card in it I could
use for a day or two.  We need to test a T1 between our corporate
office and our new data center in NJ prior to the actual move.

We have a spare Cisco 2610 to use at one end, but need something else
for the other end.

I will pick up in NYC and return ASAP, probably could even do both in the
same day.

Thank in advance....

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