[nycbug-talk] greytrapping without greylisting?

Okan Demirmen okan at demirmen.com
Fri Nov 2 16:41:51 EDT 2007

On Fri 2007.11.02 at 13:30 -0700, Mark Sams wrote:
> Many clients panic the minute an email doesn't arrive immediately after someone on the phone sends it to them. For that reason I have hesitated in implementing grey listing. I am interested in grey trapping as I think it would help cut down on spam without causing unwanted delays with emails. However, I don't see how you can have one without the other. Is it possible to configure spamd for grey trapping but not grey listing?

if you don't want grey/black listing, you might just want to use, for
example in sendmail, the access database (insert whatever equals in the
sendmail replacements).  trapping is of little use without greylisting -
why 'trap' an ip address when you don't care about the ip the next time

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