[nycbug-talk] dhcpv6

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Wed Nov 7 12:01:07 EST 2007

>>>>> "gc" == gene cronk <quigongene at gmail.com> writes:

    gc> there isn't a way that I'm aware of to assign specific IPs
    gc> based on MAC address using rtadvd.  

Isn't the IPv6 address implied by the MAC address and the router
advertisement?  It is, on BSD.  

On EnTee the ``privacy extensions'' may be switched on sometimes, so
your address gets scrambled every few minutes.  but you can switch
them off and always get the same MAC-based address.

    gc> For the SOHO, rtadvd will be fine, but in a larger enterprise,
    gc> the DHCPv6 protocol will be pretty much required.

the cable companies probably want it, because they currently use DHCP
for all kinds of accounting and security stuff.  For the DNS server,
though, I don't see what's so hard about typing it in, no matter how
big your site is.  It seems like it would be much _less_ required in
the ``enterprise'' because you don't have visitors with
strangely-configured machines.  You know what's on the network, and
you can configure all of their DNS servers manually.

If people want to bring foreign laptops from other of these strange
v6-only zones, and they don't like typing, we could pick a site-local
anycast address on which to put a listening resolver, and if we
configure our laptops with that DNS server address we can go to each
other's houses and v6 will ``just work.''  no need for DHCP---the same
address can be made to work everywhere.

When you said DNS I thought you meant the DHCP server would register
your IPv6 address in dynamic DNS.  That's one thing it does for v4 but
still doesn't do for v6 which annoys me.  but just for knowing what
DNS server to use, DHCP seems awfully complicated.  All the other DHCP
problems look solved already.
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