[nycbug-talk] IPv6 Followup

Okan Demirmen okan at demirmen.com
Fri Nov 9 12:22:53 EST 2007

On Fri 2007.11.09 at 12:13 -0500, Alex Pilosov wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Nov 2007, Jim Brown wrote:
> > As it happens, I now have an assignment to write a position paper on
> > IPv6 for a client.  Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the last two
> > BUGs.
> See and listen to this and make your own conclusions
> http://www.nanog.org/mtg-0710/bush.html
> http://www.nanog.org/mtg-0710/real/nanog41-transition.ram
> > If anyone wants to offer their expert opinion on all things IPv6, I'm
> > interested.
> ipv6 will happen. it has to. you should get yourself *ready* to run it - 
> there's no harm in it. generally, it no longer requires equipment 
> investment, just configuration. operationally, however, nobody cares. 

that is a very broad, over-reaching statement, and i for one will
disagree.  operationally, people care.  now *who* those people are is
another question; they may not be all the people that need to care, but
there are people who care operationally.  with statements like the
above, the "other people" will never think they need to care - so it
goes as it is going now.

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