[nycbug-talk] From Dru's blog

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Fri Nov 9 13:42:34 EST 2007

>>>>> "ms" == Marc Spitzer <mspitzer at gmail.com> writes:

    ms> And that is not the case in the BSDs.

Yes, it's much better than Linux, but documentation revision control
and completeness isn't perfect on BSD, either.  With NetBSD I've had
problems at least with:

 * missing /usr/share/doc documentation for BIND 9 and ntpd

 * netpbm from pkgsrc, man pages vanished, replaced with ``sorry, no
   man for you.  please browse this URL and don't even think of
   complaining to me about it because <rant rant rant>.'' placeholders

both of which I'm pretty sure someone fixed.  But, it's spreading.
This less-than-adequate just-see-the-web-ism is getting pretty
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