[nycbug-talk] Greetings from the IPv6 Internet

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Fri Oct 5 01:53:50 EDT 2007

>>>>> "js" == Jonathan Stewart <jonathan at kc8onw.net> writes:

    js> My domain register setup v6 records for my domain via a
    js> special request which was pretty nice of them.  If you want to
    js> check it out its kc8onw.net but as I mentioned before the
    js> tunnel is down so you won't get anything from that address.

this is bad.  Sites that have IPv6 and try to browse your web page
will try to reach the v6 address and time out before trying the v4
address.  This will make your web server unuseably slow for sites with
v6, but fine for v4 sites.

The next step is, users complain ``IPv6 gets me nothing, except for a
few sites which are broken on your v6 network but work fine from my
neighbor's ssid=linksys open access point.  I think there are some
`issues' with your network, or with IPv6.''  The problem is squarely
100% your fault, not mine, but the users will complain to me only, and
will blame me or be suspicious of me, not you.

The step after that is, each individual program author inserts bogus
code and additional complexity to manually prefer v4 over v6 when both
addresses exist, even though all host OS's I know of operate with the
opposite preference.  Some versions of Firefox already do this.  so
now to actually use v6 we have to hunt down all these annoying
programs making this choice for us, and twist knobs config knobs or
make source hacks, or in Firefox's case something in between (I think
you have to hand-edit some javurscript).

It's much better for the v6 community, and I think it will help
adoption, if you do NOT put broken v6 addresses into your DNS, only
working ones.
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