[nycbug-talk] DefCon 16 heads up

Isaac Levy ike at lesmuug.org
Fri Oct 5 13:42:51 EDT 2007

Hey All,

This is a pre-shout-out, so folks can think about it in advance:

So who's going to DefCon next summer?  Who wants to go?
I want to book a HUGE room this December (huge like 2 bedroom big  
condo style place with a wet-bar etc...)

The way this has worked well in the past, regarding splitting the room:
People who chip in more, get actual beds.  People who chip in less,  
get couches.  People who chip in the least, sleep on the floor.

Somebody usually brings some lock-boxes for stashing gear, people  
bring network gear (and people use cellphones and setup a wired lan  
to get out on a relatively safe network, the regular network is a war- 
zone- no kidding...)

We could also use somebody who has some cheap method of bagging/ 
isolating rfid stuff, (passports, ID badges, etc...).

DefCon is only fun if you have a trusted crew of friends to go with :)


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