[nycbug-talk] IPv6 for ISP Sales People?

Alex Pilosov alex at pilosoft.com
Thu Oct 11 14:08:54 EDT 2007

On Thu, 11 Oct 2007, Isaac Levy wrote:

> Not surprisingly, the sales guy didn't know anything about IPv6
> addressing, and I explained the rammifications of these points:
> 1) IPv4 gives us 4billion+ addresses, vs. IPv6 and 32Undecillion+  
> addresses
who cares as long as you can get ips

> 2) Smaller and more efficient Routing Tables (Thanks Gene Cronk!)
oh don't get me started. ipv6 is going to be a nightmare once it is 
actually deployed. i don't know what gene was saying, but from operator's 
perspective, it isn't necessarily true.

> 3) The rest of the developed (and much of the underdeveloped) world is
> deploying it for production use, only Univ./Govt. are horsing around
> with it in the US...
not really no, nobody cares, except for japs.

> The points got him very excited, he immediately saw the obvious sales
> opportunities of being the first NYC ISP to offer real (or very fast
> tunneled) IPv6 connectivity, as a part of the package. He also noted
> increasing frustration he's having with IANA regarding IP allocation for
> his customers...
he's a sales guy, he'll get excited for any sales.

also, isps dont deal with iana, maybe arin. 

we'll sell ipv6 (native) once someone wants it. put a business case 
forward, you'll get transit in a week.

> My ISP sales guy, however knowledgeable, is not very technical- but  
> he's a manager (read: decision maker)- and to my delight, he was  
> excited to get this request from me...
> What other info can I give to this Non-Technical ISP rep, (or any ISP
> sales rep), to help build a business case in his organization, so we can
> buy real IPv6 lines in NYC sooner than later?!
put a business case forward. say "there is an active demand for v6, if you 
offer v6 transit you'll instantly sell 500 T1s and 10000 dsl lines". 
except, of course, its not true. 

in 6 years of pilosoft, i've had exactly two people ask if i had v6 
transit. and large portion of our business is catering to geeks.

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