[nycbug-talk] Good unmanaged switch brands

Jerry B. Altzman jbaltz at 3phasecomputing.com
Thu Oct 11 20:38:31 EDT 2007

on 2007-10-11 17:54 Isaac Levy said the following:
>> I'm looking at buying 4 or 5 8-16 port unmanaged switches for  
>> setting up
>> shared satellite internet access in Iraq and I was wondering if people
>> had any preferred brands.
> I've deployed TONS of the little Netgear swtitches, in various sizes  
> and in very different networks, and they've all been insanely great-  
> (e.g. I don't think about them, they just work...)

Same same here; the Netgear *unmanaged* stuff takes a lickin' and keeps 
on tickin'. Deployed (many)^2 of them; never looked back. (I've got two 
right here next to me, plus a handful of the smaller versions.) They 
autonegotiate better than vendor C as well, and on their bigger 
switches, all their ports are autosensing (so you never need worry about 
a crossover; or if half your office is wired in 568A and half in 568B 
like mine is, you won't see an issue :-)

Their managed stuff is an utter train wreck, however. Switches, routers, 
you name it: it's all awful. I have a NG firewall of ancient vintage; 
it's lasted a long time (since 2000 with nary a burp) but the management 
interface makes me yearn for an arsenic daiquiri.

>> The switches themselves will be in air
>> conditioned living areas so heat should not be a problem.  There is  
>> 110
>> and 220 available but dual power capable is still preferred.
> Hrm... Wall-warts for the small ones seem to only do 110, but you  
> could perhaps buy comparable 220 wall -warts that output the same, at  
> a cheap price?  (Radio Shack or Mouser Electronics?)

The ones in a 1u form factor are, I believe, auto-switchable.

>> Jonathan Stewart
> .ike

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