[nycbug-talk] telnet/lynx/elinks

Mikel King mikel.king at techally.com
Tue Oct 16 14:05:58 EDT 2007

On Oct 16, 2007, at 1:49 PM, Tim Smith wrote:

> It's plain out-of-the box FreeBSD telnet, & Lynx works fine, just  
> not with
> telnet.
> Tim
> On Tue, 16 Oct 2007, Michael Hernandez wrote:
>> On Oct 16, 2007, at 1:27 PM, Tim Smith wrote:
>>> Anyone know why when I telnet into a shell, (sdf, suffolknet),  
>>> the web
>>> browsers are garbled, all *'s & displaced text?
>>> Tim
>> I'd say it depends on the charset of the terminal you're using and
>> the charset of the remote shell?
>> Are you using putty? telnet from xterm? gnome-terminal, etc etc?
>> For example I ssh to sdf via my OS X Terminal.app (term type rxvt and
>> charset ascii) and use lynx and it works just fine.
>> --Mike H


	Have you tried the same from within an ssh terminal in lieu of telnet?

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