[nycbug-talk] IPv6 for ISP Sales People?

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Wed Oct 17 17:16:06 EDT 2007

>>>>> "m" == michael  <lists at genoverly.net> writes:

     m> 	If a person insists on running an extensive network
     m> and provide services out of their home over a residential
     m> connection, then disregard any comment I have made.  They
     m> probably won't listen anyway.

I snipped this prop-up for two loaded condescending words, ``insists''
and ``won't listen,'' and you snipped my entire post.  Yet I'm the one
who won't listen.

I guess in the future I'll have to give more weight to rules-of-thumb
if I want to avoid being mocked by a bunch of road-runner interweb
apologists.  Fortunately, I don't.  Just be sure to secure your
wireless AP, because if one of the drive-by vans detects it your
connection could be shut off for AUP violation.  enjoy!

Sorry to be maybe gratuitously caustic.  But I've been complaining
about this Interweb stuff for too long to just roll over and beg for
IP's.  This dogmatism-of-the-thumb seriously just doesn't leave enough
space for experimenters, which is what I thought we were.
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