[nycbug-talk] Power Consumption (was: FreeBSD on Dell PowerEdge 1900)

Jesse Callaway bonsaime at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 09:11:05 EDT 2007

On 10/18/07, Massimiliano Stucchi <stucchi at briantel.com> wrote:
> On 18/ott/07, at 14:39, Jesse Callaway wrote:
> > Just like lightbulbs and toasters, you look for the wattage of a CPU.
> > Look on the Intel or AMD website for enough whitepapers to rival the
> > Navy. I know Intel has these matrices you're looking for online. Disks
> > don't tend to be rated in watts, I guess because they are more jumpy
> > in terms of power consumption than CPU's traditionally (changing) are.
> > Side note, you can get really cool power strips for rackmount that
> > have the current you are drawing updated on a little readout. They get
> > fancier, but it's sufficient for making some handmade graphs. "Hey
> > sorry to bother you this late, but could you tell me what the number
> > says on some equipment in my cabinet?" This will give you gross
> > statistics with a loss of sig figs, but it's something to go on.
> In our facilities we use Switched Power Units from APC, where you
> have the chance of controlling remotely (via SNMP) the status of
> power consumption on the whole cabinet.  Yes, they're pricey (around
> 650 euros + taxes for 24 plugs - we're in Italy), but they are worth
> every cent (ssh/https access with radius auth for every user
> controlling his own plug...).
> Anyway, we were talking Watts, while you (Jesse) are speaking of
> Amperes, which is Watts/Volts.  Above all I'm in Italy, where we use
> 220v, and power is distributed at either 10 or 16 amperes (in my
> cabinets it's 16), and I don't know the actual situation in the US...
> Ciao !
> --

That's cool. Way tangent question is how you manage the radius as a
subset of your overall directory? Lot's of things are radius-ready,
but the hell if I'm going to set up radius as the main auth system. Am
I just stupid?


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