[nycbug-talk] content of Sender: field varies

George Georgalis george at galis.org
Thu Oct 18 22:38:04 EDT 2007

On Wed, Oct 17, 2007 at 02:32:01PM -0400, Okan Demirmen wrote:
>On Wed 2007.10.17 at 13:35 -0400, Dan Langille wrote:
>> Has anyone else noticed that the sender field for this mailing list 
>> varies?
>> Usually, it is: Sender: talk-bounces at lists.nycbug.org
>> But sometimes it is: Sender: talk-bounces+email at lists.nycbug.org

here's my recipe
* ^Sender: talk-bounces.*(lists.|)nycbug.org

>> Where email is my email address, slightly munged.  I have never seen 
>> this on any other mailing list.
>never? well, then nobody else does selective VERP - these lists do.

why? what's that? "selective VERP" ain't in google, yet.

// George

George Georgalis, information system scientist <IXOYE><

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